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hello beautiful woman of god!

It is not always easy finding and keeping joy in this turbulent world, but— it is possible— and I am here to help. Thank you for being here and taking the time to learn how to get your joy back and keep it.

You were born for such a time as this and we need your wisdom, grace, and voice in this world!

This page will be here for you as you get moments (in-between) that everyday stuff. So if you need to go change a diaper, hold a toddler, take a call from your university kid, or even hug a grandchild— It’s okay.

Come back and check out these resources any time.

Let’s get started!

heartfelt worship

Worship is an honor paid to God due to the nature of His sacredness, but did you know that God created worship for much more than just having us praise Him?

The act of worship was intricately and thoughtfully designed and when we worship Jesus, there is a tangible joy and an unconditional love available to us— always.

The joy found in worship is supernatural and if we grab ahold of such a treasure, it consistently fills our mind, body, and spirit in a way that is indescribable.

Talk to God

Grow your intimacy with Jesus!

God can handle every emotion we have and is not afraid of being there for us! He is the very definition of (being a good friend) and loves us + He desires to spend time with us!

When we are willing to come to Jesus in all times, whether the season is “good or bad”— Joy will be given in the measure needed for that time.

Read the word

God gave us the ultimate tool (the Bible) to help us do all of the things listed in this devotional! We use the Word of God to help us worship, know how to worship, build our relationship with God, and beautifully listen to instructions that He wants to put in our hearts + much more...

Jesus wants us to know that we are important to Him and that He loves us so much He would never leave us here on this earth without Him, or His instructions. 

Thank you Jesus!

Listen to his voice

How often do we get in the prayer closet only to let God know our agenda, our pain, happiness, and/or life circumstances?

It is good to make our requests known before the Lord and share with Him about our lives, but how often do we start our time out with Him with nothing but a pen, journal, and our love?

Do we take time to listen well? Do we take time to Be Still before the Lord? Do we wait on Him to speak to us but move on if we hear nothing after five minutes? Do we think about just taking time to stop and listen?

How I got here

I am a Ministry Mom and because I understand how much support is needed for women like us, decided to start building an online space where we can encourage, inspire, and help each other stay connected, creative, consistent, and growing in faith— Thank YOU for being a part of this community! I pray you will feel encouraged, loved, and inspired.

Bonus #1

Happiness vs. Joy: What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

Do you want to know the difference between happiness and joy? Check out the post I wrote for Gather at Dawn!

If you are interested in checking out Gather at Dawn’s amazing devotional app you can check it out HERE

Bonus #2

Scripture Art

I love to create encouraging things so I made this print out to hang up as a reminder of what we need to do every day. I hang it on my fridge too!

bonus #3

Prayer and A Poem

Click play to listen.

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See the photo on the right? That is Kat Lee and her family. She is amazing and has a wonderful 3-minute morning routine that can change your life.

I also love writing for the Hello Mornings blog and wanted to provide some of her resources for you to check out! 







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