Many messes, little time, much fuss… Where does it start? Where does it end? Is there a balance to the chaos of little muddy feet running on fresh mopped floors (which are lucky to get swept) let alone have a good mopping? More on that later…

I have to admit, it has taken (and still is taking) a lot to reach deep enough to find lines to which our family is able to follow. We understand that staying in the will of God will produce good fruit — but this does not mean it is easy! We love each other, LOVE Jesus, and desire to do the will of the Father, but at times we just have to pull up those boot straps and let our whole selves be all wrapped up in His grace!

I REPEAT — It is not always easy *it is rarely easy!

I like to think on how Jesus ALWAYS produced beautiful fruit continually, every day. His fruit was seen by all, planted well and harvested well! I also must remember that because He is the one who created grace and love, He understands that it can sometimes be difficult to dig in and take a hold of the promises He has given us. When I feel grace slipping out of my hands and watch peace evaporate under the pressure of daily tensions it can be, needless to say—- disheartening. I have found it to be critical in these moments to renew my focus and lift my tear filled eyes to Him.

I have dropped to my knees and laid it at his feet in many moments, and yes, my children have witnessed this time after time. They know their Mommy is far from perfect, and I find that they too, will get on their tiny little knees right beside me. More than once have I felt little hands on my back in prayer. We have to remember— children understand a lot more than we realize!

Life can be so difficult to navigate, but Jesus did not say following Him would be easy. It can sometimes be quite the opposite, but do we fall on our knees enough to see who He really is before these hard times happen? That he can bring peace in an instant– in the midst of every storm there is?

If the truth of this does not truly rest in us— it is time to close the door and go into the prayer closet to spend more time with Him; to close the door and build our relationship with Him. We have to build the relationship that matters the most and we can do this very thing through worship (yes! sing your heart out), reading the word (open your heart to hear His wisdom) and prayer (make your requests known).

He delights in us and wants us to communicate with Him, to be friends with Him. He will work things out for the best for our lives and we must trust that—even in the hard messy places. From those in-between unknowns to when all anger is roaring loud like a Lion penned up. Let’s rock this journey, rocks and all (pun intended) from this fallen world and hold on to his hand while he catches our tears.

He will hold the tears and release the joy if we let him! May the Lord bless you as you find endurance to continue on today. You can do this Mama and you can do it well with His help. He sees you. He hears you. He LOVES you. Draw near Mama, draw near…

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Resources I am considering…

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Today, two of my dear friends gave me two suggested books to read so I thought I would share them here just in case it is something you might like as well for your at home arsenal to help the everyday overwhelm!

  1. Raising Prayerful Kids This book is considered a great tool for parents and can be used to help you make prayer fit naturally into the daily routine so it doesn’t feel like a chore or a lecture. 
  2. WayMaker: Finding the Way to the Life You’ve Always by Ann Voskamp just might be the break from the hustle and bustle of life that I need right now. I have already read 1,000 Gifts and really enjoyed Ann’s style of writing. I believe I may enjoy this one as well!

Have you read or used either of these two books? If so, let me know what you have thought so far!

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