Improve Digestion— It’s not as hard as you think!

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When it comes to digestion there are simple and functional ways to implement better digestion so that you can feel your best. The digestive processes are super important for your overall health and it is worth taking a closer look. It’s not as hard as you think!

I suffered with IBS for many years and if I had known these steps to better digestion at the time— it would have helped a lot! I pray this post will help you move forward in your digestive healing journey.

10 Steps to Better Digestion

It’s not as hard as you think!

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1. Think Before You Eat— Activate the Cephalic Phase

We all know it is a good thing to pause, reflect, and give thanks to God before eating, but did you know both smelling and thinking about food activates the cephalic (brain) phase of digestion and signals saliva to release? This supplies us with lots of enzymes that are ready to help aid in the breakdown of food.

*So think twice about that tasty morsel before you eat it!

2. Chew Your Food— An Important Mechanical Process

This simple, mechanical start to digestion may seem unimportant, but it is not, instead, it is one of the most essential! Chewing food thoroughly helps quite a few of the digestive processes, so be sure to slow down and chew (not gulp).

*Take your time, savor that food, and chew it up well!

3. Say NO to Overeating— It’s Not Worth the Taxation

Overeating affects how we digest foods and is taxing on the digestive system as a whole. When we eat too much food it requires our body to spend a lot of energy and adds extra stress on the system, forcing the body to try to use too many nutrients at one time— so it’s better to eat in moderation.

*Try only eating until you are three-quarters full for better digestive health.

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4. EXERCISE— Doing One Thing is Better Than Nothing

To move food through the digestive tract it is important to have healthy muscle tone all around the abdomen. Starting or maintaining an exercise routine can help improve digestion even if you do not change your eating habits.

*Try tummy toning exercises to get that food moving!

5. REDUCE PROCESSED FOODS— It’s Worth it in the End

Highly processed food are challenging for the digestive system at the best of times. For these products to metabolize the body has to kick into gear (creating its own energy and nutrients) which robs it instead of supplying it correctly.

*Try incorporating as many whole foods as possible!

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6. Stay Hydrated— Protect Your Mucosal Lining

Water helps the health of the mucosal lining which supports small intestinal bacteria in order to maintain proper digestion and help maximize the absorption of essential nutrients. Say What? Okay so you don’t have to know all the details, but, just understand that staying hydrated (drinking good quality water) is important. Believe it or not, water is considered an essential nutrient for digestion!

*Drink more water! To find out how much click HERE.

7. Clean Your Colon— Get Rid of Toxic Compounds

How do you keep your colon clean? Don’t worry, that is what fiber is for. Soluble fiber helps absorb toxins and unneeded cholesterol, and insoluble fiber speeds up elimination. Eating both types of fiber helps keep your stool soft and bulky, dilutes the effects of toxic compounds, quickens transit time through the colon, and helps remove bad bacteria. I’d say it is pretty important wouldn’t you?

*Eat both soluble and insoluble fiber to have improved digestion!

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8. + PROBIOTICS— They’re the Good Guys

Good bacteria (probiotics) are essential for lowering inflammation, strengthening the immune system, helping leaky gut + so much more! You can buy probiotic supplements, but good old sauerkraut or coconut kefir will also give your system an excellent boost of the good stuff.

*Eat probiotic rich (fermented) foods i.e. sauerkraut, coconut kefir +

9. + DIGESTIVE ENZYMES— Break it Down

There are three categories of enzymes that you need: lipase for the break-down of fat, amylases for the break-down of carbohydrates, and protease for breaking down proteins. The best way to get these enzymes are from live, raw, or sprouted foods. If digestion is impaired, you can also supplement with digestive enzymes.

*Try to eat live, raw, and sprouted foods as often as you can!

10. BOOST STOMACH ACID— Many Mistake to Low for too Much

Low stomach acid can cause many symptoms including heartburn, gas and belching, headaches, tiredness + much more.

*Boost your stomach acid by adding organic lemon juice or organic, raw fermented apple cider vinegar to your water each morning to aid in digestion!


  • Improving your digestive (processes) is doable and you can start right away by thinking about your food before you eat it! The Cephalic (brain) phase is just as important as all of the other steps in digestion.
  • To know how much water you need to drink click HERE.
  • Subscribe and get instant access to a digital version of the ten steps above; it will make it easier (help you remember) how to implement healthy digestion habits for you and the awesome kids in your life!

This post is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your regular medical healthcare professional.

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