Are you fueled? When I ask this question to my clients, I am asking them if they are staying hydrated and eating nutritiously. Asking this question brings awareness to what they are putting into their bodies, and it is essential that we too take a closer look. Why? Because hydration and nutrition help us live healthy lives, promote healing, and keep us from running out of fuel.

To stay fueled up, we must be aware of what we are taking in, but it also helps if we understand the benefits of hydration and nutrition. In order to do this, it is good to be aware of the connected role of hydration, digestion, and the absorption of nutrients within our system— a system that must work together to function as God intended

Let’s start by considering this question: Did you know that if you improve your digestion, you can also improve the absorption of nutrients, but in order to improve your digestion, hydration is also key?

Let’s break that down a bit so we can take a closer look. Hydration assists specific digestive processes and helps the body break down food in order to be fueled with proper nutrients. If someone is not staying hydrated— it can affect this ability. Staying hydrated is a secret weapon for the digestive system!

One of the digestive processes that can be affected by dehydration is maintaining stomach acidity, if there is not enough, then the small intestine’s bacteria have a hard time completely digesting the food we eat, and if this happens, food passes to the large intestine with undigested particles which can cause a myriad of issues.

Dehydration also makes the body conserve water, and this causes it to try and extract water from partially digested food leaving half-digested, dry stool of the wrong pH in the large intestine. This alone can cause hard and constipated stool. See how staying hydrated is ESSENTIAL to having a fully functioning system? When we don’t hydrate our bodily functions become compromised, causing all kinds of havoc in our systems!

Now, let’s think about nutrition. I know this can be a sensitive subject, but I am here to be real with you. Everyone has food battles (including me), but God can help us fight these battles, process the things we need to deal with and forgive— so we can let go and move forward.

So, let’s go there.

Can you say highly-processed fatty foods? They are so readily available (convenient), but are also one of the worst combinations for causing digestive stress. Did you know that your body has to compensate and provide its own energy and nutrients in order to digest these types of foods? Your body does not get enough nutrients in exchange for these foods because a lot of the nutrients have been (processed) out of them!

When I have “trouble” in this area, I like to read 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. It reminds me I am God’s child, and my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Knowing this helps me take care of my body, and if I want to take care of my body, I must consider what I put into it. Putting in the right things helps me feel better, but it also gives me a way to honor and glorify God in the everyday!

To heal our bodies, keep them clean, and get the fuel we need, it takes cleaning up this part of our lives, but take heart, there are many ways to improve hydration, nutrition, digestion and health. Let’s start with understanding digestion! Check out this quick guide to help you begin or (stay on) your healing journey.

In summary, let’s remember to take a closer look (take inventory) into what we are eating and drinking so we can be fueled, healed, and glorify God every day. When we think about how Jesus lived, He did not live to eat or drink, but ate to be nourished and live! That is how I want to live and I am sure you do too!

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