If you are anything like me or my kiddos, it can be difficult to find an alternative plant-based milk that tastes nice and doesn’t have fillers. We have really enjoyed Mark Reinfeld’s base milk recipe in Healing the Vegan Way. Mark’s recipes are seriously good and if you are looking for vegan foods that are wholesome and tasty— try his book!  

Simplify. Make Life Easier! 

The best way to make this super simple is to pre-soak and freeze your raw bulk almonds (*use organic, especially if you are sensitive to chemicals like my kids and I are). Pour raw almonds into glass containers (half full so they have room to expand) and fill the water just above them so that they are fully submerged. Sprinkle in 1 tsp of sea salt (makes it easier to absorb) for every cup of almonds, and then put a lid on it. Let them soak on your kitchen counter for 8-12 hours. The next morning give them a good rinse and put them into a zip lock freezer bag. You now have almonds with increased vitamin and mineral content, in bulk (at the ready), for any time you would like to make milk! 

*Optional: If you have a Vitamix blender, you don’t have to soak the almonds if you are in a hurry, so in a pinch you can still make the milk with raw unsoaked almonds. Jut remember to give them a rinse. *Note: When you soak them they are more nutrient dense and have better absorption! 


2 cups soaked/rinsed almonds  
8 cups quality water 
Pinch of sea salt
*Optional: Non-Alcoholic Vanilla Extract 

*Optional: 4-8 Medjool Dates


Blend two times (I use a Vitamix). Pour into nut milk bag (I use hemp or organic cotton) and squeeze the milk into a glass container with my hands. Use gloves if you do not want to have the liquid all over your hands. I use regular, wide-mouth mason jars with easy storing lids and store in the fridge, but if you want to get the “feel” and cute “look” of regular milk, you can use these bottles! I am thinking of buying them sometime and adding a cute label! 


You can drink this milk straight up (kids like that but it can disappear too fast), or you can use it as a concentrate for smoothies. Add 1/4 or less into your smoothie plus water. It gives a pop of nutrition, but doesn’t mask the smoothie flavor like some milks do. 


To make sweet milk just add 4-8 large medjool dates to the blender depending on how much of a sweet tooth you have.

Add some Cacao to taste in order to make just the right chocolate milk to suit your tastebuds!  


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