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by Rose Ward | Live Grounded

Hi, I am Rose Ward so be prepared for a bit of ADHD overload in this bio. I am a Homeschool Mama, Developmental Editor, Author, Hope*Writer, Designer, Photographer, Artist, Prayer Warrior, and Speaker/Podcaster. Oh, and I also love “natural health” stuff so I just finished up my certification to become a Functional Nutritionist. Too many hats you say? Yep, but that is what I have been called to and in each season God pulls things out of those hats to focus on and develop— He is cool like that

I created Ministry Moms to share helpful hints for the heart, practical ideas for the home, and healing for the body, mind, and spirit. Since I love to create i.e. design, write, podcast, you can look forward to downloading some stellar educational resources for both you and the awesome kids in your life. Thank you for choosing to be here with me!

Other Random Details

I like gardening but my thumbs are not so green, however, I do enjoy capturing the moments between dirty boots and flowering blooms! Cooking is fun too, but I really, really (REALLY) enjoy reading, writing, and coaching. Last but definitely not least— I love to spend time with my hubby (he is funnier than I) and of course my crazy cool kiddos. Sometimes… I wish I could freeze time. Wait a minute— I think I actually did that once?  

Creative Coach?

I am a Creative Coach for Authors, Speakers + Creatives which means I help them shine and walk well in their gifts. If you are one of those click HERE to find some great resources!

If you are any of the above and enjoy reading as much as I do, a great one to start with is the one I am holding in the photo above “Start With Your People” by my friend and author Brian J. Dixon. He is an amazing person that has a lot of wisdom to share with women in ministry. 

So what’s next? Lots! Take a look around and see where you feel led to go. Let’s enjoy life together as we find a grace-filled balance between the everyday, life, health, and ministry! 

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