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If you are a Christian Woman in Ministry– who is also a Mama— this space is for you! And NO, it doesn’t mean you have to be in some fancy ministry, because seriously— if you are a MOM or have a Mama’s heart— you are already in ministry! I created the Ministry Moms blog to share helpful hints for the heart, practical ideas for the home, healing for the body, mind, and spirit, and— share some stellar educational resources for you and the awesome kids in your life.

Bringing support to ministry moms (MM) with the “everyday life” stuff is a treasure to my heart and I have a passion to create seed-bearing content that brings encouragement, healing, creativity, connection, consistency, and faith. Thank you for choosing to be here with me!

Who am I?

I am Rose Ward— nice to meet you! Thank you for being here! A bit of background about me is that I am a Wife, Homeschool Mama to four (including twins), a Developmental Editor, Writer, a Designer, and Creative Coach. I also love “health” stuff so I am super excited that I have finalized my certification as a Functional Nutritionist.

Let’s enjoy life and co-pilot with Jesus to find a balance between the everyday, life, health, and ministry together! Check out some of my free resources below…

Free Resources You May Like!

I am the founder of Bloom & Reed, and we help Christian Women in Ministry (Writers, Speakers, and Creatives) overcome stagnation in their spiritual life through prayer, fellowship, and practical tools so they can effectively walk in their God-given purpose— whether in health or in the heart of crisis. ​Join our community and become nourished with ideas, creativity, healing, faith + more!

My husband (Andrew) and I started a ministry called Living Seeds. Come on over and join us! Lots of great free downloads!

Want to be encouraged even more? Evangeline Njelesani is my dear friend and another Ministry Mama working with me on all these resources! You can find out more about her by going to

A Podcast for Kids?

Yes! Join us for Biblical Truths, Treasured Stories, and Fun-filled Adventures!

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